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Loving Risks



Today I celebrate the gift of Love and learning to take risks.

My childhood dream of becoming a published author came true June 21, 2016. In the autumn of 2015 I saw a Facebook ad to become a contributing author to the book 365 Moments of Grace. It sparked my interest and reignited my childhood dream but I was unsure what to do.  I wanted to sign-up but all kinds of reasons why I shouldn’t flooded my thoughts. Something inside me told me to go for it and take a risk.

A couple of months after signing up for the book, I was reconnected to the man that would break my heart open to allow love in because he listened to his gut and walked across the street to our childhood friend’s home where I was visiting. Together with the work of C. Ara Campbell and the Goddess Circle Sisterhood, HeatherAsh Amara & my Warrior Goddess Sisters, I learned to love myself, follow my heart, celebrate myself and accomplishments and trust not only myself  and my intution but I also learned I could trust a man. His actions over time showed me that he cares, listens to my words and not just hears them and has shown me levels of respect I never knew existed!

In my piece, “The Healing Power of Love”, I write about how taking the biggest risk I ever made, opening my heart to receive love, changed my life. 

 Here is a excerpt from that piece:

“…I slowly learned to love, accept, and approve of ALL of me-both the light and dark aspects of myself and my past. As I did, I began shedding the layers of masks I wore, and the fortress of protection I had spent a lifetime building around my heart began to crumble away. I had worn these as shields to prevent myself from feeling the continual hurt, judgement, repeated abandonment, disappointment, and betrayal by loved ones from happening again and again.

   With the love, support, encouragement, wisdom, and guidance of my sisterhoods and the man who would break open my heart to allow love in, I replaced the outdated, false belief systems-that I am not lovable, good enough, worthy, or deserving of good things- with the knowing that I AM…”

I am grateful I learned to listen to my gut,  follow my intuition and learn to take loving risks and face my fears! By doing so more and more of my dreams are coming true!

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I invite you to read the blog of one of  my co-authors Angie Carter,  https://angiecarter.ca/

Angie’s story about the loss of her healthy baby girl & how she overcame her grief really touched my heart when I read her pieces in 365 Moments of Grace and 365 Life Shifts. 

 Please Note:                                                  

The photo at the top of the blog is a finger painting with oil pastel I painted in my journal representing my heart being broken open by love and the quote is taken from my journaling on the back of my painting. 

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