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“As a young child, I always knew I had a special connection to God and the Spiritual realm. I was raised in the Protestant faith, that God is loving. Whenever I felt scared or alone (which was quite frequently, growing up in a “perfect” dysfunctional, alcoholic family), I found solace and nurturing in my Grammie, nature, and the night sky (the feminine/motherly aspect of deity), as well as through visions and connection with the Divine. When I spoke of these experiences to my parents however, I was repeatedly told, “You are just a child; no one will believe you”. Slowly, I began to hide my gifts….

In my 30s, I began reconnecting to my soul, the Angelic realm, and magick.  After communication with my late aunt, four months after she was murdered in 2013, I committed to healing my body, mind and spirit. In late 2015, I reconnected to the loving God and replanted my roots into Oneness”

Excerpt from “Reconnecting to Oneness” in 365 Life Shifts.

My clair-senses broke open again in August 2015 and I  slowly began to listen and follow  my gut instincts, something I was advised to do my when I was in elementary school by both my first and fourth grade teachers.  “Always go with your first instinct. They are usually right”.  Over the years I stopped paying attention to them as the conditioning and automatic response survival mechanisms took over. In the fall of 2015, I followed my gut and signed up to become a contributing author to the book 365 Moments of Grace. In my first piece, ” A Divine Gift  From Heaven“,  I wrote about the murder of my late aunt and how she connected with me through my reiki practitioner 4 months after her murder while I was receiving a reiki healing and my 2nd piece, “Becoming Dr Doolittle”, I wrote about the unconditional love of pets and becoming aware of the  signs and messages of all animals  around me such as the cardinal, deer, swan and hawk and my 3rd piece was entitled “The Art of Lettting Go”.

On February 28th, I wrote a blog called Loving Risks. I chose that date because it was my significant other’s birthday, the man in my piece “The Healing Power of Love”. I was going to mention the significance of the date but decided against it because he is a very private man. Although his name was not mentioned, I decided to instead focus on the symbolism related to birthdays: celebration , love and gifts. Matt had given me so many levels of gifts of LOVE and I him. 

That day has now become another pivotal moment  in my life that  forever shifted my life. It was not only his 37th birthday, it also became the day  he transitioned to the other side. He and I had many talks about the afterlife and our personal experiences  with it and premonitions/visions we had and many of them the same!  It was actually a good part of our first conversation the night he walked back into my life along with our love for animals and nature. I loved how he and his aunt had saved an owl, nursing it back to health and  his emotions and feelings on the day they released him back into the wild. It really touched my heart! As I am typing this I hear the owl “who”-ing  outside my window! Since Matt shared his story with me that day the Owl has become one of our special symbols over the past 16 months and is just one of the many ways that he lets me know he is with me.

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