the Divine Feminine:LOVE Freedom & Power

I NO longer wear the shackles of slavery, abuse, male domination and control that bind & suppress the Truth and Authenticity of the Divine Feminine. I release the fear, torment, and suppression into the fire to burn away the limiting beliefs and thought patterns that no longer serve us.

Photo courtesy of Jason Phipps

I free our voice, OUR TRUTH, OUR POWER so we may be FREE to shine OUR LIGHT and stand SAFELY and GRACEFULLY in POWER. WE ARE FREE TO BE OURSELVES, TO LOVE OURSELVES, TO HEAL OURSELVES. FOR WE NO LONGER HAVE TO LIVE IN FEAR! We can now safely share our gifts and talents with humanity. OUR VOICES WILL BE HEARD. WE ACCEPT OUR TRUTH and AUTHENTCITY and no longer need to seek outside of ourselves for approval or happiness FOR WE ACCEPT and LOVE OURSELVES FOR EXACTLY WHO WE ARE!

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