Opening To Receive

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For everyone that asketh receiveth; and to he that seekth findeth; and to him that knockth it shall be opened….”
Matthew 7:7-8 (the New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: 1880)

Receive Love: You are worthy of another’s love. Allow yourself to take it in. ~Soul Clarity card by Jodi Chapman.

Help comes to us in many ways. “Ask and You shall receive ” is not only a well-known quote from the Bible, it is also Universal Law. Every thought and spoken word is a prayer, everything is energy and vibrates at a certain frequency and is always heard and answered. But opening oneself up to receive can be a hard a thing to do for many of us. There are often times blocks in our way that prevent us from both asking for help and receiving the help once it is asked for.

It be may hard to ask for help to begin with; one may not know how to ask, be afraid of asking, not feel worthy of being helped, embarrassed to ask for help or pride may get in the way to name a few. We may then block our ourselves from receiving the help we ask for and push it away because we become attached to the outcome or the way we think our prayers should be answered or may be simply unaware of the help being sent.

In the book Goodness Abounds: 365 Loving Acts of Kindness, I share four stories of love, goodness and kindness I have received; ” A Valiant Act of Love”, “Giving Me Wings to Succeed”, “Planting the Field of Dreams”, and ” For the Love of Strangers”.

It was during the time period that inspired the piece “For the Love of Strangers” that I really started learning how to receive, overcome years of conditioning of relating asking for help with negative responses from others and false belief systems and replace with the knowing that I AM WORTHY & DESERVING OF RECEIVING GOOD THINGS. There were so many loving acts of kindness that I received during this time that it was hard to include them all in one piece.

Not long ago, I had to choose being a victim and being a survivor. I chose to be a survivor. In the process of escaping a terrible situation, however, I fell through the cracks due to the way the U.S government and judicial systems are set up and the availability of funding through programs for domestic-violence victims. Even though I made countless attempts to prevent this from happening, I was left homeless… Afterward, I sat in my car, overcome with tears of gratitude for the kindness, love, compassion, and generosity shown by my career counselor, the women I had just met at the thrift store, and the Sister who posted on my behalf for prayers and support in our Facebook group. I wondered how someone I knew for a few short visits and complete strangers could care more about me and my well-being than those who said they loved me…A few hours later, putting complete faith and trust in God, Goddess and the Universe that I was making the right decision, I set out on a six-hour drive to meet my sister Sandy over 310 miles away. I am so thankful I did! Not only did I meet a lifelong friend, I had one of the most special birthdays of my life!

~An excerpt from For the Love of Strangers

I am so grateful for all those who helped me out during this time from complete strangers, acquaintances, two of my junior high school friends, St Vincent de Paul’s and other church organizations to those I met through my Facebook Sisterhoods, and a woman my age, I met in the courthouse in September going through a similar situation and the soul family I met through the Salvation Army that were like me, falling through the cracks and unable to get assistance through government and non-profit organizations, many of them veterans. I always had food, clothing, shelter even in those nights that I couldn’t stay with a friend or afford a botel or given a night or more from church agencies I was grateful to still have my car with gas and heat during the cold winter days as I knew there were some less fortunate than I that lived outside exposed to the elements in what is known as a “tent city”.

The Soul Clarity card, RECEIVE LOVE was a card I had drawn for my Facebook page and was such beautiful synchronicity with this blog that I wanted to share it here also.

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I dedicate this blog post to our dear and beloved friend and co-author in the 365 Book series Cynthia L Ryals who transitioned to the Spiritual Realm on November 22 2017. Cynthia touched my life and the lives of many others with her love, kindness and compassion. I will always remember Cynthia and carry her memory, love, and light in my heart.

Photo courtesy of Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck as well as the Goodness Abounds book photos and banners

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