Gratitude, a Default Attitude

I went for a walk along the beach and Grace Trail a couple times this week. The beach is one of my favorite comfort, inspirational and creative spots, much of my writing is done here as well as drawings, plus it has many other added health benefits. After walking along the beach, taking in all the beauty in and all around me, smiling at the memories of elementary school field trips to the beach and enjoying each moment, I set out for Grace Trail. While at the beach and walking along Grace Trail (and anywhere I go for that matter) I always pick up at least one piece of trash left behind by someone else.

This day was no different , I picked up a piece of trash on the Trail and put it in my pocket to throw away in the trash barrel at the beginning of the entrance on my way back. I continued walking and reflecting on the day, all the things I am grateful for, the people and the amazing opportunities that have come into my life, lessons learned so I can relate to others, always trying to set GRATITUDE AS MY DEFAULT ATTITUDE, no matter what comes my way , being thankful for the FREEDOM TO ALWAYS HAVE MORE THAN ONE CHOICE, Universal Law of Attraction, the book I am currently writing etc. I stopped occasionally to take more pictures of the beauty that surrounded me in the moments I was in.


On my walk back, still reflecting on things, I stopped to take a few more pictures then pulled a coin out of my coat pocket and dropped it on the ground in gratitude for the time spent there connecting to nature, Oneness and my soul. A short ways away I noticed something else on the ground , almost in the same place I had picked up the piece of trash when I began my walk. Again, I picked it up and as I did so I realized it was a gift card to a coffee shop. I figured someone must have dropped it because it had a zero balance but as I went to throw it in the trash something inside me told me to take it home and check the balance before I threw it away just in case there was a remaining balance on the card.

When I got home and checked the balance, there was a small amount of money left on the card, I felt guilty that I couldn’t return to its owner even though I knew I couldn’t possibly know who it belonged to. Then I remembered the wording on the back of the gift card where the phone number to check the balance is, PROTECT THIS CARD LIKE CASH and knew it was a gift from the Universe thanking me for picking up the piece of trash on the trail, leaving a coin in gratitude and giving me one more thing to be thankful for.


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