Lessons of Love, Forgiveness & Healing from the Afterlife

“Over the next two years, I continued communication with my aunt though a medium and through my own internal senses. Through each contact, I witnessed the progression of her soul – from expecting justice, to understanding it was all part of a soul contract, to forgiveness and love.”

Excerpt from my piece “A Divine Gift From Heaven ” published in the book 365 of Moments of Grace (DandiLove, 2016)

Sending forgiveness and love to the person who murdered my aunt in cold blood was a hard lesson for me to learn but one my late aunt taught me was important and necessary for me to do. These things never crossed my mind let alone actually doing it. I always saw and referred to him as “the monster who killed my aunt” then eventually as “the being who murdered my aunt” and now, over four years later, I am able to see him as person again. It was through my continued connection and communication with my late aunt that I was able to get to this point. As her soul progressed, She taught me how to forgive and send love to the situation and ALL involved by giving me a better understanding of what and why it happened and helped not just heal me but also her soul.

This is a lesson, I never thought I would have to draw upon, nevermind have to put into practice again. As I continue to process the unexpected transition of my other half to the other side a year and a half ago , two months after he physically risked his life to save mine in a car crash, I am needing to revisit the lessons of sending love and forgiveness more and more to those who played a part in his death. He had no intentions on dying that night, had just returned home two days prior from laying the groundwork for us to relocate to another state and start the rest of our lives together.

Not only am I having to rely on these lessons of love & forgiveness my late aunt taught me, I am now having to expand on these lessons. I am learning how to keep my heart open and to continue to allow love into my heart and my life as well as learn to completely TRUST in myself, my knowing, his guidance and Divine/ Universal guidance.

“Over the next 22 months, I would change the way I viewed myself and the world around me and take the biggest risk I have ever have ever made: to allow love in my heart. ” An excerpt from my piece “The Healing Power of Love” published in 365 Life Shifts: Pivotal Moments That Changed Everything (DandiLove, 2017).

Our bond can never be broken; our love for each other is eternal. He was in essence my first love because I loved God/Goddess and myself first. I loved for the sake of love for the first time, not out of fear or duty, and so did he. We both thought we would be each other’s last love. Trust was a hard lesson for both of us to learn due to our past experiences. Our actions over time proved it was safe to trust each other.
I continue to grief not only my grief but his also his. I am witnessing the progression of his soul from the very beginning and from an extremely deep and intense level.
I am blessed, honored and privileged to be able to continue the healing work he and I started with each other here in 5this lifetime. Together, we are processing and healing each soul’s, pain, sorrow, grief and his transition.

Do you think for one moment, I don’t ask God everyday why? Why did you have to take Matt? Matt was doing all the right things to overcome, lead a better life, and get healthy, why God did you take Matt when he did everything necessary to remove me from the vehicle the night of the car accident risking his own life to save mine only to take him away from me two months later? Do you think it doesn’t cross my mind at times and ask why couldn’t it be that person who continues to destroy lives? Why does s/he get to live and that Matt doesn’t? I I pray everyday for those people and all those who contribute to the opioid epidemic, killing and destroying lives, dreams, and futures…..Let’s give the children a future free of abuse of any kind. Let’s end the pain and suffering in this world caused by Substance Abuse Disorder……

An excerpt from my 12 page letter to Craig Landau, CEO Purdue Pharma mailed and hand delivered at the March of Purdue August 17, 2018 by Ryan Hampton

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In Loving Memory of Matthew J Adams and Norma Simmons Desroche

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