Monthly Oracle & Affirmation

September Monthly Oracle and Affirmation

As summer begins to wind down with the beginning of September , back to school and Labor Day weekend here in the United States , unofficially marking the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, although the official beginning of autumn, is September 22, I was drawn to the Viking Oracle deck for this month’s wisdom and monthly guidance, drawing Eihaz.

Eihwaz (pronounced “ay-was” or yew-was) brings us the following message:

Do not be afraid of death – it is just another part of life. You will experience a new beginning once you have completed the current cycle, but not before. Set your boundaries clearly, and you will be protected.

I scrape the sky,

Tall and straight.

My roots run deep in the Underworld,

Begin again,

When all is dead.

Gone is what was;

I rejoice in what is.

I am the centre.

I am Eihwaz.

~Stacey DeMarco

Eihwaz is associated with the yew tree, a tree sacred to the Norse. Like the yew tree, Eihwaz is associated with protection.

Death in the Viking cosmos was not seen as something to fear, particularly if one was brave and ethical in life. The Vikings’ beliefs and did not promise rebirth, specifically, but they did promise those who were chosen an afterlife spent with the gods and goddesses, feasting and fighting in their halls.

In keeping with the COURAGE of the Vikings in the face of death, Eihaz, which is mainly concerned with the power of endings as well as beginnings, removes the fear of both figurative and literal death, well inviting spiritual confidence. If we are frightened to let something go, Eihwaz is helpful to us. If we need to let an old habit die or are afraid to cut something back or fear that something may never start anew after that “death” occurs, this rune gives us the confidence to allow the “good death” to occur. (Viking Oracle: Wisdom of the Ancient Norse Stacey DeMarco)

Death doesn’t always mean a physical death, it can also represent the death of a bad habit, a relationship, false negative belief systems, something that no longer services us and our best and highest giving way for the new to enter our life symbolically marking the ending of the cycle and beginning of the birth of something new.

This card is very fitting as we observe the transitions of the seasons and cycles of nature and the calendar year; the death of summer into the birth of fall and the death of the month August giving birth to a new month September. We will also experience this through the planet Venus beginning on September 2nd as she begins to prepare to move retrograde (appearing to move backwards, moving in an orbit in the direction opposite to the Earth in its revolution around the Sun) on October 5th.

I invite you to take a few moments to quiet your mind and reflect upon what you would like to put to rest and let go and the new that you would like to bring in this cycle, clearly stating your intentions. Surrender any fears, resistance, any negative attachments you may be holding onto and be open and willing to receive this cycle of new beginnings.

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September Affirmation:

I courageously accept new beginnings in my life and my heart”

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