Want to Write a Soulful Book?


Have you ever thought, “Someday I’d like to write a book that inspires people”?
This is a beautiful vision, but how do you even start? Wouldn’t it be great if someone could take away the overwhelm, cut through the confusion, demystify the publishing process, and help you make your dream of writing a book come true?
That’s exactly what my friends, bestselling authors Jodi Chapman & Dan Teck, do in their FREE Facebook Live video series, “5 Essential Keys to Writing, Publishing, and Marketing Your Soulful Book.” You can join them live every Wednesday at 5 pm PST, from September 12 – October 10, or watch the replays any time you want! Plus, when you sign up, you’ll immediately receive the free supplementary guide, “It’s Time to Write Your Soulful Book! 10 Powerful Tools to Turn Your Book Dream into Reality”!

Please click here for access to both of these free offerings:

Here’s what you’ll get:
GIFT #1 – FREE GUIDEBOOK: “It’s Time to Write Your Soulful Book: 10 Powerful Tools to Turn Your Book Dream into Reality”
This helpful, free guide will jumpstart your soulful writing practice! It’s filled with time-tested tips, insights about the writing process, and thought-provoking writing prompts to keep you moving toward your goal of writing, finishing, and sharing your book with the world!
GIFT #2 – FREE FACEBOOK LIVE VIDEO SERIES: “5 Essential Keys to Writing, Publishing, and Marketing Your Soulful Book”
Video 1: Wed, Sept 12, 5 pm PST – Key #1: Start Big…AND Small!
Experience the best of both worlds…by clarifying your ultimate goal and finding a manageable starting point that leads you to it.
Video 2: Wed, Sept 19, 5 pm PST – Key #2: Punch the Clock
Get down to business and get results…while keeping your heart and soul at the core of every part of your writing journey.
Video 3: Wed, Sept 26, 5 pm PST – Key #3: Tell Stories…Effectively!
Explore time-tested techniques to help your stories resonate with your reader in profound and memorable ways.
Video 4: Wed, Oct 3, 5 pm PST – Key #4: Pack for the Inner Journey
Discover tools for handling resistance, self-doubt, and other inner challenges that often arise during the soulful-writing process.
Video 5: Wed, Oct 10, 5 pm PST – Key #5: Connection
Use this “Master Key” to help you unlock a deeper bond with your audience at every stage of your writing journey.

The Facebook Live series runs September 12 – October 10 (every Wednesday at 5 pm PST), but if you can’t be there for the live meetings, you’ll still be able to watch the replays, comment, and interact with Jodi, Dan, and other participants just as if you were there live! Get your free access here

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a published author, I hope you’ll download this guide and check out the video series. Both of them are sure to give you the soulful tools, strategies, and self-confidence you need to realize your writing dreams! I know they did for me!


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Graphics courtesy of Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck

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