Quarter Oracle Focus and Guidance

Autumnal Equinox Oracle Reading

For the Autumn Season focus and Oracle guidance for the collective, I used the Releasing and Harvesting Mandala and Card spread by Molly Remer and Womanrunes cards by Molly Remer and Shekhinah Mountainwater.

Position 1: the Broom, rune of protection represents releasing/letting go.

Here we have the Cresent Moon, rune of Divination. Ritual. Door to Unconscious.

The Moon Mother calls you. She dances around the edges of your conscious awareness, singing your name, tugging at your spirit. Listen to the Dreamtime…

What is knocking at the doorway of your soul?

What calls you in the night?

Are you dreaming?

Have you given up on dreams?

Are you listening?

Have you stopped trying?

Do you remember your dreams?

Do you heed their messages?

The Goddess speaks the language of dreamtime, from deep, dark places and in fuzzy, sleepy awareness. Tune in, look inside, wait for wisdom. It wants to enter, it’s on its way. Carried by the moon, drifting in starlight, singing to you, drawing you near. Moon Mother, Dream Mother. Winds of change and destiny are swirling.

Pay attention, take heed, become conscious. In the seemingly coincidental connections and links of life your unconscious, your deep self is speaking to you. She knows many things.

Divination is not about predicting the future, but understanding your path and heeding the guidance laid out before you in many bright, sparkling, starry and shadowy ways. She speaks in dreams, speaks in nudges, speaks in signs, signals, synchronicites. This is the language of symbol, myth, pattern, and magic.

This rune also reminds us of the power of ritual. Of gathering together with intention and purpose and power, of raising energy, of sealing bonds, of linking arms in sisterhood and brotherhood and solidarity. This rune calls upon us to create our own magick, to define our own truths, and to stir our own rituals into communal meaning.

You can do it. You already know how.

Position 2: the Two Triangles, rune of focus, represents what we are focusing on.

Here we have the Dark Moon, rune of wisdom. Door to the Unknown. Crone’s rune.

This is a foggy rune, a mysterious rune, a dark and knowing rune. This is the run that waits behind the veil. This is a rune of digging deeper, of twisting harder, and of asking more complicated and more simple questions and being willing to wait in the darkness for the reply.

This is a rune of honesty and truth-telling and truth- speaking and wisdom sharing, but it is also a rune that accepts fuzzy boundaries and imperfect and unclear understandings. It is a rune that recognizes limitations and honors rest. It gives permission for not knowing. It holds both. The speaking of your wisdom and the foundering in the darkness and confusion of your unknowing. It is the recognizing that wisdom comes in knowing how to ask the questions, not in always having all the answers. It is the rune of the wise woman, the sage, the crone, the ancient mother, the ancestral mother, the dark goddess, the deep within.

What do you know that you don’t know? What secrets are you keeping? What is waiting to be brought from behind the veil? What is content to remain shrouded in silent mystery and phenomenal, wild grace?

As Molly Remer this interpretation, she looked up and suddenly came eye to eye with a hawk in the forest for the first time.

You never know what is watching you from silent wings and shadowed, wild spaces.

Position 3: the Cauldron, rune of alchemy, representing what we are “cooking up ”

Here we have the Winged Heart, rune of ecstasy. Transcendent state. Peak experience. Orgasm. Psychedelica. Union with all. Awe. Union with Goddess. Out-of-Body.

How often do you think instead of feel? How often do you hold something in your mind rather than feel it in your body? Do you know what ecstasy feels like? Can you allow yourself to experience transcendence, awe, a peak of oneness? Do you know what it is like to have pleasure feel your body, rippling through you and out of your fingertips until you have become a part of the great, seamless, beautiful tapestry that Life is weaving all the time, whether you pay attention or not? Can you spread your arms and sink into the very body of the Goddess?

Close your eyes and let go, melting into her, dissolving control. Adjust your life, your expectations, and your grasping until ecstasy becomes a regular part of your living and being. This is your birthright, not a one-time treasure, but an awareness to be lived and regularly played with, touched, smelled, tasted, felt.

Dive in. Let it roll over you. Let it sweep you away on the wings of passion and delight.

This rune tells us this is not the time for holding on, first standing steady, for grounding, for digging in. It is time for expansion, for ripples of joy to flood you. Time to be swept away, carried away, FREED. Flying. Ecstatic. ALIVE.

IT IS TIME TO SOAK YOUR HEART IN THE STREAMS OF CHANGE, the ocean of possibility, the arms of All That Is.

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Position 4: the Flying Woman, rune of transformation, representing what we are transforming.

Here we have the Dancing Women rune of power. Power from within. Strength.

When you come together with your sisters and brothers anything is possible. When you join with others in community, you can move mountains. You can build bridges and you can drop them by the fire. When you listen to each other deeply, you come to know and be known, to understand and to be understood, to hear and be heard, to see and be seen. You Are Not Alone. You are not isolated. There is power in cooperation, power in joining hands, of linking arms, of connecting hearts and forging paths together. Shaping lives in concert with one another.

Power expands when it is shared, it is not something that is in finite supply or that can be distributed by any one person. Power is within us and we must step out and into it, owning our own power, inhabiting our own power; fully and without apology, with Grace and with firmness and Trust.

When people come together, each standing in their own power, the power base multiplies and becomes infinitely possible. Many hands make light work, many voices make one song, many hearts beat together, many people stand strong.

This is a rune of uniting, of togetherness, of working, laughing, playing, celebrating, and journeying , with a shared focus.

There need not already be a path; walking together we create one.

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Rune card descriptions by Molly Remer

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