Your Soulful Book

It’s Time to Write Your Soulful Book

Silhouette of young womanYour book can inspire thousands of people all around the world. It can touch hearts. It can change lives. It can boost your credibility, connect you with clients, and expand your business and community. And it can make you feel – and know, right down to the core of your being – that you’ve fulfilled a huge part of your reason for being here on Earth.
To experience all this satisfaction, connection, growth, and fulfillment, there’s just one thing you’ve got to do: write your book!
I’m so happy to share a program where you can receive all the loving support and tools you’ll need to do exactly that! It’s called Your Soulful Book, and registration for it just opened!

My friends, authors Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck, created it to support each of us who has this dream but could use structure, guidance, and a heart-centered community of fellow writers to support us throughout the journey! I’m in awe of everything that’s included to help each of us make 2019 the year we write, finish, and publish our own book. Here’s just a sample of what you’ll get:
~12 Lesson Bundles (including in-depth workbooks and video/audio summaries)
~Over 35 Videos
~12 90-Minute Live Weekly Classes
~8 90-Minute Live Monthly Support Sessions
~“2019 Kick-Off” Virtual Retreat in January
~Twice-a-Month Group Writing Days
~In-Depth Editing/Feedback on a Writing Sample
~1 One-Hour Private Coaching with Dan
~Private Facebook Group
~Discounts for Editing, Book/Web Design, & Marketing
~Classmate Connections
~The Opportunity to Have Your Published Book Showcased on Their Website, Facebook Page, and E-Zine,
~An Invitation to Attend Their Year-End Celebration
~A Welcome Package
~A Jumpstart Guide
~And the chance to join them in person at a beachfront writing retreat!
I love that they not only focus on the nuts of bolts of writing a book (such as writing, editing, and marketing), but they also spend time focusing on the inner journey of writing. They know that the part that people see (the book and related promotional material) is just the tip of the writer’s iceberg. The biggest part is what lies below the surface: the emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of your journey. And as they guide and support you on this journey, they never forget this truth.
It’s all so amazing, and I hope you’ll check it out and join the fun! I knew that I had to join, and I’m so glad I did! I can’t wait to write my own book, and I would love for you to be there right alongside me!
They’re offering a special discount this month, so it’s a perfect time to sign up! Click here to learn all about it.
You’ve already got the book inside you. Now it’s time to get it out of you…and into the world. Now is the time to share your gift, answer your calling, and write your book!
Your words matter. Your message matters. Your book matters! It can change the world, touch hearts, and inspire thousands…but only if you write it!
Join us in the Your Soulful Book heart-centered writing program and do exactly that!

If this resonates with you, please be sure to sign up soon to receive the special discount! Click here for all the info

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