Daring to Make My Dream Come True

My childhood dream of becoming a published author came true on June 9, 2016 when my three pieces, “A Divine Gift From Heaven “, “Becoming Doctor Doolittle ” and “the Truth of Letting Go” were published in the book 365 Moments of Grace. (DandiLove, 2016).

I saw a Facebook ad in the fall of 2015 to become a contributing author to the book. When I saw the ad, my heart cried out with excitement and hope but my ego mind quickly took over with false belief systems programmed into my mind since early childhood; ” You can’t do this. You aren’t good enough. Who do you think you are? No one is going want to read your words. ” but I somehow summoned up enough courage to follow my heart, intuition and Divine guidance and reached out to Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck about my interest in contributing to 365 Moments of Grace. It was a dare of sorts to myself as deep down I truly didn’t believe they would respond nevermind be interested in publishing my writing.

Well they did respond ! I was so surprised when I eagerly checked my email and saw they were interested in my ideas about the topics I would like to write about and would love to have me join as a contributing author but then I started to question myself as self-doubt kicked in. “Now what I am going to do?” , I thought to myself. I began coming up with excuses as to why I couldn’t do it ; “I can’t afford it”, ” I don’t know how to write”, ” What if no one likes my pieces?” “I will never be able to meet the word count requirement” were just some of the excuses I came up with.

I overcame those false belief systems and excuses and put my pen to the paper and began writing. The words came flowing out onto the paper. Meeting the word count was no problem. I met the word count and more! I now had the problem of fine tuning my piece by 100 words which turned out not to be problem at all.

Jodi and Dan and our author group were very supportive throughout the whole process and provided us with a guide for each step of the way. I never imagined when I signed up to be a contributing author, it would be the beginning of my writing career!

I continued to contribute to the next two volumes of the 365 Book series, stepping more and more out of my comfort zone ; growing and expanding with each one. I had reached out to Jodi and Dan shortly after the Grace book was released to ask if they had a program for authors who would like to publish their individual books. I was working on my first solo book manuscript and wanted to continue working with them as I had a built a strong rapport with them, and was confident and trusted them on all levels. They cared about me as person as well as my writing. I wasn’t just a number.

Through Your Soulful Book program , I completed my first solo book, a collection of poems I began writing when I was fourteen years old, a victim of rape, growing up in the “perfect ” dysfunctional alcoholic family and am preparing my final edits before submitting it my publisher for publication.

The Your Soulful Book program truly is one of a kind. In addition to being given everything we need to write, finish, and publish our book, we are also given tools for self-didcovery to help us learn more about our selves, the writing process and have a private Facebook group for those in the writing program. It is a place for us to share our journey and thoughts, get and give feedback, ask questions, encourage and support each other, and hold each other’s dreams in a sacred, safe, fun uplifting close-knit soulful community. I particularly like the monthly Zoom calls in which we have the opportunity to connect with each other in small groups over a video conference call.

I am super excited to be joining the Your Soulful Book program again next year as I continue writing and completing my second solo book and look forward to meeting some of the lifelong friends I have made in both the 365 Book series community as well as in this year’s Your Soulful Book program at our writing retreat in September 2019.

There is no time like the present to begin taking action steps towards making your own dreams come true! What is your story? What is your book your dream of writing? I dare you to make your dreams come true. The world is waiting to read your book!

If this resonates with you, join us in the 2019 Your Soulful Book program. Please click here for all information and to receive your special discount through Oct 31st!

Please note these contain affiliate links to the Your Soulful Book program, if clicked and purchased, I may receive compensation for the recommendation.

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