Health and Wellness Summit

Energy Empowerment Masterclass

Be honest are you tired of…well…being tired? If you’re working long hours, particularly under stressful conditions, you’re likely pretty familiar with moments of total exhaustion. Your brain is foggy, your energy is gone, you’re frazzled and anxious. If you experience far too many of these moments, I have an invitation for you: My friend, Energy… Continue reading Energy Empowerment Masterclass

Monthly Oracle & Affirmation

January Monthly Oracle and Affirmation

As we begin the New Year and welcome in the new, our focus and message for January is releasing the old, welcoming in the new & SELF-FORGIVENESS. With the added demands and busyness this holiday season and reflection over the past year as 2018 came to a close, you've been very hard on yourself. Well… Continue reading January Monthly Oracle and Affirmation