Monthly Oracle & Affirmation

March Monthly Oracle and Affirmation

Welcome March. As Spring quickly approaches here in the Northern hemisphere, it is the perfect time to start heading outside and spending more time in nature. Go outside every day if possible. Have fun, explore that place you have been wanting to visit or go someplace new, meditate, go for a walk in the woods, or the beach.

Find a quiet place in nature and take some time for yourself to go within and explore. Explore your dreams, desires, resistance, and fears. Perhaps ask yourself what you can let go of that no longer serves you or is no longer working for you, what are you resisting? what is working for you and ready to blossom? Are there new seeds that you want to plant in your field of dreams?

Spending time alone in nature is important for you. Even 5 minutes in a garden would be healing for you now. ~Doreen Virtue Healing With the Angels Oracle deck

This card may also signify that you may be happier living in a more rural country setting. For some of you, this card may also be a sign encouraging you to choose an career or occupation involving plants or animals. Mother Nature, the Angels, and nature angels are here, helping you discover and take your gifts out into the world. Help them help you by spending more time in nature.


I Am in balance and harmony with the myself & the Universe.

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