Monthly Oracle & Affirmation

April Monthly Oracle and Affirmation

The Winged Enchantment of the Woodpecker comes to us this month with the following message:

I am Woodpecker, the Rhythm of the Ancients and the heartbeat of the Earth. I am drummer. I am the percussion of life. I am the one who digs deep and finds the secrets hidden within. I am in tune with the world and allow my echos to lead me to the hearts of others. I can dredge up those things forgotten. I can call out that which hides. KNOW THAT EVEYTHING HAS A TIME, A BEAT OF IT’S OWN. KNOW THAT THERE ARE ALWAYS MORE LAYERS BENEATH THE SURFACE. I have come to change the pace and alert you to something new on the horizon. ALIGN YOURSELF NOW WITH WHAT NEEDS TO BE RATHER THAN WHAT HAS FALLEN OUT OF SYNC. LOOK TO WHERE YOUR HEART PULLS YOU AND LET IT PLAY OUT. FIND THE NEW BEAT OF YOUR LIFE. THERE IS GREAT POWER IN RE-ALIGNMENT.

You are captivating sound. You are the energy of vibration. You are connection. You are Woodpecker

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Monthly Affirmation:

I am in align with my heart and my new beat in life.

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