365 Soulful Messages

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I am so excited to be contributing to 365 Soulful Messages: the Right Guidance at the Right time, the last volume in the 365 Book Series.   I never imagined when I signed up to be a contributing author to 365 Moments of Grace book,  three years, just how much it would change my life! It was the beginning of not only making my childhood dream of becoming a published author come true but also many others.

Since contributing to 365 Moments of Grace, the 2nd volume in the 365 Book series, I continued on as a contributing author in the 3rd and 4th volumes; 365 Life Shifts: Pivotal Moments That Changed Everything and Goodness Abounds: 365 True Stories of Loving Kindness and am contributing to this final volume, 365 Soulful Messages: the Right Guidance at the Right Time. I have also gone to write my first solo books through Jodi and Dan’s Your Soulful Book program which will be released in the near future as well as have been referred by a reader of the 365 Book Series to be a co-author to the upcoming book Calling All Earth Angels and Healers by Dr Geri Magee.


If becoming a published author has  been one of your dreams, I invite you to share your words, inspire others, become part of a loving community of authors, and expand your reach – all at the same time.  I’m so happy to share this opportunity for you to become a contributing author in the upcoming book 365 Soulful Messages: the Right Guidance at the Right Time!  It’s the 5th and FINAL book in the #1 bestselling 365 Book Series, and it will contain 365 personal stories of people receiving wisdom from loved ones – both here on earth and beyond – that helped steer their life in a positive way.

If you’re feeling called to share your own soulful message, be sure to sign up soon to reserve your spot while there’s still space – it’s almost full! You can learn all about it here.
I know that this book is going to touch so many lives, and I would love for you to be part of this beautiful collection – to share your own story and inspire thousands of readers! It’s such a great opportunity!

It can be so hard to write an entire book on your own, and Jodi and Dan make it super easy for you when you sign on as a contributing author. All you have to do is submit your piece and share about the book when it comes out – they do all the rest!
When you sign up, you’ll also have full access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with the other authors, share your offerings, and attend soulful online parties. It’s a wonderful place to receive support and be part of a loving community!
Another wonderful benefit of being part of this book is that the amount of people that your words will reach is huge! Everyone who is a contributor will be sharing about the book at the same time with their communities when the book comes out in November. Because of this, hundreds of thousands of people will learn about the book and will have the opportunity to learn more about you!
In addition to inspiring thousands of readers, this book will help many animals since 5% of all profits from book sales will go to the Jane Goodall Institute! How awesome is that?

Through your words, you truly can make a difference, uplift others, and change lives.

If this resonates with you, please be sure to sign up soon since there is limited space. And remember that this is the final book in this series, so it’s your last chance to share your soulful message in it. Click here for all the info.