Isabella Rose is an author, teacher at the Metaphysical School, certified aromatherapist, Angel Energy and Reiki Healer, Angel Oracle reader, Divine Messenger, Natural Rhythms Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle reader, Warrior Goddess Facilitator, Lightworker, artist, and photographer. She is also a student in the Doctorate of Natural Medicine program at Quantum University.

Bella is a contributing author to the international bestselling soulful and inspirational 20171217_1803561757098420.jpg365 Book series and has contributed pieces to the second, third and fourth volumes of the series; 365 Moments of Grace , 365 Life Shifts: Pivotal Moments That Changed Everything and Goodness Abounds: 365 True Stories of Loving Kindness. She is currently working on an independent book project with Balboa Press, the publisher for Hay House as well as a second book in Your Soulful Book program with her friends, editors and creators of the 365 Book series Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck.

Bella is passionate about, takes pride in, and finds her career in the healing arts very rewarding. She enjoys people and surrounding herself in positive energy and fostering a positive sacred container for all those she interacts with. She began volunteering in junior high school at a local homeless shelter and as candy striper at the Cranberry Specialty Hospital, a small chronic care facility and in high school and her late 20’s at an a nursing home.

In high school, she took college prep classes in psychology, sociology and early childhood education and began her career in the health field as a pharmacy technician shortly after graduating high school. She studied Liberal Arts and earned her Associates in Science from Massasoit Community College. She continued her studies at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences, majoring in both PharmD and Health Psychology.

Bella began her career in the human and personal care field shortly after leaving pharmacy school. She worked as an advocate for adults with intellectual and development disabilities in a group home setting and became Advocate of the Year in 2003. She later worked as an advocate with women with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Bella became interested and passionate in the holistic health field in the late 1990’s. She began studying aromatherapy and nutrition independently, and took a weekly yoga class and was introduced to Reiki in 2002.

2-X2  Bella became Usui Reiki I certified and began connecting more with her soul and the Angels through meditation. Bella earned her Aromatherapy certification through Penn Foster Career School in March 2015. In April 2015, she became a certified Angel Messenger Practitioner by Karen Paolino-Correia ATP. CHT, a certified Angel Energy Healer by Melanie Beckler in September 2015 and 2016 became a Certified Angel Card Reader by Doreen Virtue.

In September 2017, she became a certified Elemental Forces of Creation oracle reader through the Natural Rhythms Institute and completed her Level One Warrior Goddess Facilitator Training certification.

Bella loves animals, travelling, cooking and spending time with loved ones and time in nature where she can connect to the magick and love of the Universe, Oneness, her soul and creativity.

Some other things about Bella

~ She started dance lessons at the age of three and continued her dance studies until her early twenties

~ She had a poem published in a book in sixth grade

~ She was in the children’s choir and in high school traveled to Toronto, Canada with her chorus class.

~Legally changed her name from her birth name Greta-Ann Co-Wallis to her divinely inspired pen name Isabella Rose. She wanted to be easily found in computer systems as she knew the trouble she had having two hyphens in her name. The way computer systems are set up nowadays in which some allow hyphens and others don’t caused many complications. It began to get frustrating trying to keep track of who had what spelling in their computer system because the ones that did not accept hyphens, then depended  upon the way the person inputting her name in the system spelled it including government agencies.  Three  (3) of  her government issued  ids, all had different  spellings of her name in which the only one to have the correct spelling is her birth certificate which at that time was typed by a typewriter.

~ She was interviewed by Tracy F. Seelye, Express Editor for the Whitman Hanson Express about the 365 Book series on August 31, 2017.

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In addition to the services discussed on this website, Isabella Rose is also licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association to offer Pastoral Science & Medicine Services (PS&M). PS&M services are not state licensed or regulated by the state and do include the diagnosis or treatment of disease nor the prescription of pharmaceutical drugs or controlled substances. (Learn more about Pastoral Science& Medicine services here.)