Angel Energy Healing

What is Angel Energy Healing?

Angel Energy Healing is the understanding that there is an unseen energy flowing throughout all of life which impacts our life , health and well-being. It is the process of channeling pure Divine love and Angelic light along with healing frequencies through the mind, body and spirit and radiating this focused healing energy outwards. Angel Energy Healing is about harnessing this energy for health, well-being and more according to Divine Will.
In a perfect world, the body, mind and spirit are all to be in perfect alignment with this unseen energy and power of life, bringing about radiant well-being, health, inspiration, joy and abundance through this Divine and ever present connection.
It is through the power of thought, conscious or unconscious, that chaos, confusion, discomfort, pain, disease, depression, illness, anxiety and even physical injury manifest in the physical. Ego-based thoughts of grief, sorrow, anger, jealousy, guilt, failure and frustration remain in the body at the DNA and cellular level as energetic blockages, dense energies and even physical challenges such as disease or unwanted experiences over time.

Angel Energy Healing, with direct guidance from the Divine, can help release negative thoughts, energetic blockages, limiting beliefs, lower vibrations, and negativity that cause these problems. This brings the body, mind and spirit into better alignment with the natural healing energies present in the love and light that flows all around. The body, mind, and spirit can then revert back to its natural state of well-being and self-healing.
The Angel Energy Healer initiates the session and is conscious that they are channeling healing energy and Divine Light. The healer receives this energy in the form of an uplifted vibration and direct Angel Energy Healing from the Divine and then focuses this energy towards the recipient. Angel Energy Healing can be completed on self, other individuals, pets, on specific locations, for Mother Earth, for the benefit of humanity, for all consciousness and more.
Since this work is done in alignment and according to Divine will along with the guidance and assistance of Angels, there really are no limits to the healing, awakening, and alignment which can be accomplished through this modality.

Angel Energy Healing Sessions:

During an Angel Energy Healing session, it may feel like a beautiful energy of Divine healing light is surrounding and flowing throughout your being….Because, it is!
The individual receiving the healing may feel the love and uplifted energies and be aware of which is flowing, or not. This is more a reflection of how open the induvial is to perceiving beyond the physical realms, rather than how strong or effective the Angel Energy Healing is flowing through the healer.
As the session takes place, the Angel Energy Healing is focused on cleansing and elevating the chakra system, the meridian energy points, the aura and light body of the healer and recipient. The Divine healing energy is then focused on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual being to assist in releasing blockages, negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, negative energetic impressions, entities, attachments, hooks, implants, and on cutting, dissolving, and releasing any and all draining energetic cords into the light.
Angel Energy Healing differs from many other healing modalities, in that once blockages and negativity in all forms have been released from the being, pure Divine white light and uplifted Angelic Frequency of love, compassion, peace, and well-being take place. This prevents much of the “integration pains” which are commonly experienced with other modalities such as getting a cold, sore throat, or having huge emotional outbursts in the time shortly after the session.
With that said, from time to time recipients can experience different types of processing after the healing energies are received.
The specific experience during an Angel Energy healing session depends on the individual and how Divinity and the Angels direct the session. Experiences may include feeling, hearing, sensing, knowing, seeing, and experiencing the healing love, guidance, and presence of Divinity, Angels and/or loved ones.
Those receiving and sending healing may physically feel energy shifting, may witness limiting beliefs being lifted and released, or they may simply feel relaxed, slightly tired or spacey during the session as the high vibrational light flows in and around them.
~ Angel Energy Healing Training by Melanie Beckler

Client Love: What Others Are Saying


“I throughly enjoyed our time together, and loved my mini-session. You are a powerful healer!”
~Judy B, Maryland


“My name is Tammy, I’m here to give my story on Isabella. I reached out to her in 2015 when my child needed help, a beautiful young lady who suffers from depression and anxiety. we’ve had some tense moments but with help and guidance from Isabella’s angel energy healing we’ve pulled through them. I trust her deeply and believe in her gifts, she’s not only a healer she has become a trusted friend.”


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Jason Phipps and Isabella Rose (IR)

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