Come join me Saturday 09/09/2017 at 2pm at the Storybook Cove located in the Hanover Mall for a book signing. I am a contributing author in the bestelling inspirational and soulful 365 book series.

FB_IMG_1498337978555365 Life Shifts:
We’ve all had those experiences that change our life. You may think of them as unprompted moments, but the writers of a new book call them “life shifts.” Sometimes they’re subtle. Sometimes they’re more like a brick to the back of the head. The book “365 Life Shifts” explores the life-altering experiences of 250 writers from around the country.
FB_IMG_1498338328021365 Moments of Grace:
Grace can show up in many ways. It’s in the tangible signs showing us that our world is truly magical. It’s in the intangible feelings reminding us that we’re never really alone. It’s in every moment when the universe lets us know how loved we are, how loving our world is, and how connected we are to all that is.
While the experiences themselves vary greatly, each of these moments in both books transformed the authors. These true-life stories were written with love and infused with the intention that you’ll be able to discover the beauty in your own grace-filled moments and life shifts.