A Gift I Will Always Treasure

One afternoon, while talking to Bowana and hand-feeding him some fruit and nuts (two of his favorite treats and something he had learned to say from our daily visits), I noticed that one of his wings had dropped slightly. I told my parents about my observation and concerns about my childhood friend and family member… Continue reading A Gift I Will Always Treasure


Fighting For My Life

" I tried taking three deep breaths but was unable to. 'Matt, I can't breathe! You gotta call 911...the car is filling up with smoke! '... It didn't dawn on me that Matt was already out of the car, making his way around the vehicle to get me out. I heard him yell, "Push! You… Continue reading Fighting For My Life


Advice From a Public Service Health Agent

Recently I had the opportunity to speak to a Regional Public Health Service Agent at an Opioid Awareness Forum. She spoke upon the changes being made with Medicare and other state insurance policies such as removing required prior authorizations making access to medicated assisted detox recovery treatment for opioid substance users easier as well as… Continue reading Advice From a Public Service Health Agent


Daring to Make My Dream Come True

My childhood dream of becoming a published author came true on June 9, 2016 when my three pieces, "A Divine Gift From Heaven ", "Becoming Doctor Doolittle " and "the Truth of Letting Go" were published in the book 365 Moments of Grace. (DandiLove, 2016). I saw a Facebook ad in the fall of 2015… Continue reading Daring to Make My Dream Come True


Welcoming in Autumn

Today we welcome in the first day of fall here in the Northern hemisphere with the Autumn Equinox  at 9:55 pm while those in the Southern hemisphere welcome in Spring with the Vernal Equinox. The Autumn Equinox also called Mabon  is the time of the year when day and night are balanced in equal length… Continue reading Welcoming in Autumn


Want to Write a Soulful Book?

Have you ever thought, “Someday I’d like to write a book that inspires people”? This is a beautiful vision, but how do you even start? Wouldn’t it be great if someone could take away the overwhelm, cut through the confusion, demystify the publishing process, and help you make your dream of writing a book come… Continue reading Want to Write a Soulful Book?


Lessons of Love, Forgiveness & Healing from the Afterlife

“Over the next two years, I continued communication with my aunt though a medium and through my own internal senses. Through each contact, I witnessed the progression of her soul – from expecting justice, to understanding it was all part of a soul contract, to forgiveness and love.” Excerpt from my piece "A Divine Gift… Continue reading Lessons of Love, Forgiveness & Healing from the Afterlife

Blog, Monthly Oracle & Affirmation

May Monthly Oracle & Affirmation

During the month of May, the element Fire (the Action Realm) asks us to focus on our SENSUALITY.  Be fully present in your body and connect to your life force that connects you to your sensuality. Deeply align with the essence of that moves through all things.  It brings the pleasure of the physical body in… Continue reading May Monthly Oracle & Affirmation


Gratitude, a Default Attitude

I went for a walk along the beach and Grace Trail a couple times this week. The beach is one of my favorite comfort, inspirational and creative spots, much of my writing is done here as well as drawings, plus it has many other added health benefits. After walking along the beach, taking in all… Continue reading Gratitude, a Default Attitude

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Nourishing Dreams With Kindness

"My passion for living an all-natural lifestyle began in early 20's when I saw a nutritionist, began reading books by Elson Haas, and participated in a weekly yoga class.  Several years later, I started reading books on aromatherapy and was introduced to Reiki. In my mid-30s, I wanted to become more involved in the alternative-health… Continue reading Nourishing Dreams With Kindness