Celebrate and Welcome In Autumn

Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year here in New England! The brisk air is fresh and crisp, the trees are at their peak with vibrant, beautiful colors, the sound of the dried fallen leaves will soon be crunching underfoot, there are pumpkins galore, apple cider, and more. And the cranberry bogs will be ripe with deep red berries ready for harvesting.   

Today we welcome in the first day of fall here in the Northern hemisphere with the Autumn Equinox at 9:31 am EDT while those in the Southern hemisphere welcome in Spring with the Vernal Equinox or Ostara.

The Autumn Equinox also called Mabon is the first day of a fall and the winding down of the harvest season. It is the time of the year when day and night are balanced in equal length and then from this day onwards, the nights will continue to get longer (or in the Southern hemisphere the nights will go shorter and the days longer with) until we reach the Winter Solstice.  It signals change and the time to start slowing down and turning inward. It is a time for reflection, balance,  letting go, and gratitude; the time to give thanks for all that has gone before, to look to what we want for the future and prepare for the journey into the darkness of the unknown.

This year, I will celebrate and welcome in the first day of autumn journaling outside in nature with a cup of warm apple cider or apple cinnamon tea and creating another piece in my Cosmic Smash Book.

Here are 7 ways to celebrate and welcome Autumn.

  1. Go for a nature walk. Be present in the moment and take in all the sights, sounds, and smells. Collect leaves, acorns, pinecones, rocks, etc. to make autumn decorations and crafts with.
  2. Write a gratitude list of the things you accomplished and succeed at so far this year and a list of things that you want to release and let go of and a list of things you want to take with you and bring into the future. Say “thank you” to your loved one, ancestors, God, Goddess, the Angels, and the Universe. Celebrate all the blessings in your life and those that are yet to come.
  3. Do a “fall” cleaning of your home (like that of a spring cleaning). Get rid of the things that you no longer need or serve you anymore. Switch out your summer clothes with your cold-weather wear.  Donate items to a local charity, non-profit organization, or someone in need.
  4. Bless your home by asking God, Goddess, the Angels, and the Universe to protect your home and its inhabitants.  
  5. Make homemade soup or make a baked good from scratch such as bread or an apple-themed dish like apple pie. 
  6. Make an autumn decoration or craft (see #1) and decorate your home inside and out. 
  7. Bring the scent of autumn indoors with essential oils or candles. Here is one of my favorite aromatherapy diffuser blends:                             

Autumn Breeze

4 drops of cinnamon bark essential oil                                                                                  

2 drops of clove essential oil                                                                                                     

2 drops of sweet orange essential oil.  

2 drops of patchouli essential oil                                                                                       

(Please follow the directions accompanying your aromatherapy diffuser when adding essential oils as well as take safety precaution when handling essential oils )  You can also make it into a room spray by adding the essential oils and water to a 2oz spritzer bottle. Just add the essential oils and then fill up to the shoulder with water. Shake well before spritzing around the house.


What is your favorite way to celebrate and welcome in autumn in? Please share in the comments below.

Autumn shows us the beauty in letting things go.

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