Oracle Action Coaching Session

Wheel of Life Analysis and Action Planning Session

This laser-focused 90-minute session will begin with a discussion to identify the core questions and issues that you are ready to better understand within your life. We will do an Elemental Forces of Creation 5 card Unified  Field reading, called the Creation Card Spread to access information in the following areas.

  • Relationship to Self
  • Relationship to Career and Recreation
  • Relationship to Finances
  • Relationship to Friends, Family, and Romance
  • Relationship to Overall Health and Well-being
  • Relationship to Physical Environment

We also look at the Unified Field Message and create an affirmation and intention to help you reaffirm and integrate this new belief and action step from the information received. 



The beautiful thing about this session is that you will receive new information that you can take action on. For each area of your life we will brainstorm any ideas, actions, and insights that you want to act on after the session is complete.

You will receive a beautiful journaling worksheet detailing each of the 5 Elemental of Creations teachings, developmental tasks, keywords, and a place to record the Elemental Insights you received along with the affirmation and intention we created. This journaling worksheet will be a valuable reminder of your session that you can refer back to for guidance and track your growth and progress.

Session Cost: $225



I started working with the Tarot back when I was a teenager and later took my first in-depth course with the Oracle in 2015, becoming a certified  Angel Messenger with Karen Paolino Corriera.  I continued to study the Oracle further with Doreen Virtue, becoming a certified Angel Oracle Reader through her Master’s Course.  I have always loved nature and been connected with her from a very young age. So I was thrilled, to become a certified Natural Rhythms, Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle Reader. Very early on in my practices,  I could see that it was not ME who was picking the cards but rather a larger force outside of myself showing to me the information I needed to break through old fears, birth new identities, and trust that I was exactly where I was supposed to be in times that felt confusing or difficult.

 I have incorporated the Oracle into my coaching sessions when the individual is open to receiving an extra bit of wisdom to complement their session. (The Oracle is not for everyone and I make that very clear whenever I introduce this tool into a session.) I have spent 100’s of hours working with the Oracle including taking Doreen Virtue’s Angel Oracle Reader certification course and the Natural Rhythms Institute Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle Reader Certification course. In all my years of doing this work with people and organizations, I still believe that the Oracle is one of the most powerful tools we can use to access information that creates breakthroughs, new insights, and ideas for actions that can take our lives to the next level.