Goodness Abounds


Our fourth book in the bestselling 365 Book Series Goodness Abounds: 365 True Stories of Loving Kindness!


We believe that we live in a world where goodness abounds. But sometimes, when you look at all the negativity and divisiveness in the news, it’s easy to feel discouraged. You might find yourself disheartened by world events, wondering what happened to the light-filled and loving universe you want to live in. What happened to all the goodness?
Well, we know that it’s still there! We know that the world is filled with light. We know that kind, loving people are everywhere. We know that GOODNESS ABOUNDS!
Now, more than ever, we feel that it’s so important to look for – and FIND and CELEBRATE – the many examples of good-hearted people expressing kindness…every day, in endless ways! That’s why we’ve created Goodness Abounds: 365 True Stories of Loving Kindness – to bear witness to the myriad examples of the goodness that surrounds us all!
This book includes 365 true stories (from over 250 contributing authors) of people expressing love, goodness, and kindness. The experiences range from huge expressions of lifelong love (such as caring for a child or aging parent with severe challenges) to small acts of kindness (such as complimenting a stranger) – all sharing one thing in common: they add to an ever-growing mountain of evidence that goodness abounds!
It’s our hope that when someone picks up this book, they can flip to any page and find a true-life story that will provide inspiration, upliftment, and encouragement to reflect upon the kindness they’ve experienced in their own life…and to be on the lookout for more!
The 365 inspiring stories of goodness shared on these pages include:

~Comforting someone in their darkest hour

~Fostering or adopting a stray animal

~One animal helping another

~Giving time, energy, or money to a worthwhile cause

~Paying it forward in loving and meaningful ways

~~Expressing appreciation for someone

~Standing up for those who could use a helping hand

~Earth angels who go out of their way to help a loved one or a stranger

…and so much more!

These stories (one page each for quick inspiration) were written to encourage you to turn on your “Goodness Radar” to inspire you to reflect on the kindness you have experienced in your own life, to be on the lookout for more, and to have faith that goodness truly is alive and well in our world!

The Chapters

  • Helpful Strangers
  • Family & Loving Relationships
  • Friends & Neighbors
  • Huge Hearts in Small Bodies
  • Animals & Nature
  • Kindness at Work & School
  • Community
  • Giving Back
  • Goodness From Beyond
  • Everyday Goodness

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Feeding Goodness
One of our favorite spiritual stories is the Cherokee tale of the man who tells his grandson that two wolves are fighting within him. When the grandson asks which one will win, the grandfather says, “The one you feed.” This story serves to remind us to “feed” the inner qualities we want to nurture, such as joy, compassion, and love. And how do we “feed” them? Through our attention and our focus. This teaching also applies to the world around us: we can feed the qualities and the actions that we wish to nurture. By shining a light on goodness, we celebrate it, we encourage it, and we help it grow and flourish.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes!
We want to focus on goodness, and we believe that by giving our energy and our strong positive emotions to each of the examples of goodness collected in this book, not only are we saying “Thank you” to the universe, we’re also saying, “More like that, please.”

Turn on Your Goodness Radar!
Have you ever noticed that the more you look for something, the more you notice it? This principle certainly works with examples of goodness – the more you look for goodness, the more you’ll find it! One of our not-so-subtle ulterior motives for creating this book is to encourage all of us to turn on our “Goodness Radar” – to start witnessing kindness all around us. We hope that contributing to this book and also reading it will help us all be more likely to find examples of goodness in the world. It’s our hope and belief that as we shine a light on this goodness, it will grow and grow until it makes up the overwhelming majority of our experience!


Because we’ve each experienced so many moments of goodness in nature and with animals, we’ll be donating 5% of all profits from sales of this book to the Jane Goodall Institute. (You can learn more about this charity by going to

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