Monthly Oracle Reading

  Monthly Oracle Reading 

December 2020


Welcome to December, everyone! The Angels’ messages and energy surrounding this month is all about Divine Guidance and following your intuition.  

In the first week of December,  be aware of the Divine Guidance being sent your way. Trust and follow your intuition. Know you are being Divinely guided right now. Pay attention to and notice any gut feelings, visions,  inner knowingness, and repeated signs you may see over and over. This is the Angels way of getting your attention and speaking to you.  All these messages are trying to tell you something.  Trust yourself and your intuition more often. The more you do the more signs you see and the more confidence you will have in yourself. 

In the second week of December allow your true authentic self to emerge! Don’t shy away from the spotlight. Allow your beautiful, radiant, powerful self to emerge. You are amazing in so many ways. Trust and reveal your true nature to others. Your angels are guiding you to honor yourself and your true feelings by expressing them to yourself and others in a healthy way. There is no need to hide anymore. Be proud of who you are and celebrate the unique being that you are. You will find a renewed sense of freedom and peace when you allow your true self out to play and shine. 

Be on the lookout in week 3 of December for Answered Prayers. Trust that your prayers are heard and answered; they always are. It may not have felt like recently because the answers sometimes come in unexpected ways. Again take a look at those intuitive feelings and repeated signs. New opportunities may present themselves this week. Be sure to take them.  The Angels often answer our prayers by giving us ideas or information in these everyday ways.  Be extra observant this week and notice everything you hear, say, think, and feel. Be especially alert to any help that comes your way and be sure to accept it. You do indeed deserve this help, and many times God enlists people who act as Earth Angels to bring you answers to your prayers. 

As we get ready to close out 2020, in the fourth and final week of December be mindful of your intention not only for this week but also for the New Year. Your intentions create your experiences. Take a look at what has worked for you this year and what has not. What feelings and things do you want to accomplish in the year? What is one word that you want to encompass in the New Year? No matter what your intention for the day, week, or New Year remember to choose it wisely from a place of love. This intention is your guiding light; your North star guiding the way to the manifestation of your intentions and goals. 

Wishing you and yours a blessed December and magickal holiday season. 

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Oracle card readings are for personal insight only. Each intuitive oracle card reading with Isabella Rose – Bella Rose Healing Hands is an interpretation of the cards, their information, and the intuitive details received at the time of the reading session. Please remember that each individual should take what feels good and true for them out of the experience, using their own interpretation and logic. Anything that does not feel correct or appropriate should be left aside or put aside for further reflection. No guarantees or promises are made about the information provided, the effects of it, or the steps and actions taken afterward by an individual or individuals. The readings are not performing or intended as mental or physical health therapy, medical diagnosis or treatment, legal or financial advice, and do not replace professional health services, professional legal or financial services. Nor are they intended as fortune-telling or predictive sessions.


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