Reclaim Your Wholeness Workshop


Join Isabella Rose, certified Warrior Goddess Facilitator

Saturday May 12, 2018

11am- 5pm
Laurelin Retreat
307 Christian Hill Rd
Bethel, VT 05032

for a fun, experiential afternoon in the beautiful, magickal and relaxing country setting at Laurelin Retreat diving deep within exploring living from your essence rather than from your fear.

Reclaim Your Wholeness is more than a class; it is an interactive, inspirational, transformational re-wiring to get you back into integrity as the artist of your spirit and the creator of your dream.

From a quantum and shamanic view, everything is energy. When we don’t have enough energy, we cannot create conscious change in our life. When we are vibrant and full, anything is possible. Each of us has a fire within, and everything we do either feeds and nourishes our fire, or diminishes and dampens our fire. When we go beyond story, worry, and trying to figure things out we can move into a realm of perceiving energy directly, and know at a deep level how to be true to our precious inner spark. You will learn how to clear out internal stagnation and procrastination, connect to your creativity, and hone your ability to set purposeful intent.

You will leave Reclaim Your Wholeness:
• Re-wired with a new, tangible pathway to commit to yourself and your purpose.
• Re-inspired to take actions that dissolve judgment, fear, and scarcity thinking so you can access your innate wisdom
• Re-connected to your wholeness, your vitality, and your joyful essence.

Join a group of Warrior Goddesses for an afternoon of reclaiming and igniting your inner fire

*Please note there will be a one hour lunch break. You may bring your lunch with you or there are several places close by where you may grab a quick bite to eat. Weather-permitting Laurelin Retreat has the perfect setting outdoors for a picnic lunch.

Exchange: $75 Early Registration  $100 at the door

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