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Private Coaching

Stay on track towards meeting your health and wellness goals with private   coaching sessions. Review your progress, make adjustments if needed and celebrate your accomplishments. 

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Free Discovery Session

Connect with me to discover how we can best work together in meeting and obtaining your full potential and optimum and wellness goals and begin creating a custom tailored plan unique to you!

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Build Community

Support and Strength

Bella Rose Healing Hands offers in person workshops and online courses throughout the year to support, enhance and help build your community with like-minded people in a safe, uplifting and supportive environment on your journey in obtaining and maintaining your full potential and optimum health and wellness.

Coaching Sessions

Private coaching sessions tailored around your personal health and wellness needs and goals.

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Angel Energy Healing Sessions

Relax and unwind with an Angel Energy Healing Session. Bring your body, mind, and spirit into better alignment, balance and harmony with the natural healing energies present in the love and light  of the Angels that flows all around.

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Workshops and Online Courses

Join a fun, experiential workshop for added support, discovery and healing in a safe, uplifting environment with like-minded people. 

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Cosmic Smash Booking

Let your inner muse out to play and dive into the mystery of the unknown to see what your inner wisdom reveals though an intentional creativity process using simple art supplies and techniques. 

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Warrior Goddess Training

Reclaim your wholeness  and learn to love and accept all of you while discovering your true authentic self.  Become the divine, powerful being you were meant to be. 

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Warrior Heart Practice

Claim your courageous warrior heart and turn confusion into clarity and fear into love with the simple process of the Warrior Heart Practice

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Get in Touch

Contact me with any questions, comments, feedback you have.  

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Oracle and Intuitive Readings

Connect to and receive the guidance you seek from the higher realms including the Angels, Elemental Forces of Creation  and your loved ones in Heaven. 

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Special packages available for your healing journey

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Great hands-on experience! Everyone was included and made to feel welcome. It was great to talk and connect with like-minded people. You are amazing. Keep up the good work!"

Katie Barnicle

"I had no idea how creative this project would be. It allows you to be as crazy as possible and the artwork comes out amazing!"

Phoneix Willowsong

“I was privileged to have a personal reading from Isabella. The information that came through was spot on, conveyed in a very organized and understandable way, and gave me insightful ways to the question I had for her. Highly recommend!”

Judy B, Maryland

“I thoroughly enjoyed our time together, and loved my mini-session. You are a powerful healer!”

Tammy, Canada

“my name is Tammy, I'm here to give my story on Isabella. I reached out to her in 2015 when my child needed help, a beautiful young lady who suffers from depression and anxiety. we’ve had some tense moments but with help and guidance from Isabella's angel energy healing we’ve pulled through them. I trust her deeply and believe in her gifts, she’s not only a healer she has become a trusted friend.”