Angel Energy Healing FAQs

What is Angel Energy Healing?

Angel Energy Healing is the process of channeling pure Divine Love, Angelic light along with healing frequencies and focusing those energies outwards towards the recipient.

How does the healer receive this energy?

The Angel Energy Healer is conscious that they are channeling healing energy and Divine light and receives this energy in the form of an uplifted vibration along with direct Angel Energy Healing from the Divine and then focuses this energy outwards towards the recipient. 

How can Angel Energy Healing benefit me?

Angel Energy Healing, with direct guidance from the Divine, can help release negative thoughts, energetic blockages, limiting beliefs, lower vibrations, and negativity that remains in the body at DNA and cellular levels, help reduce and manage stress, aid in pain management and more. Angel Energy Healing brings the body, mind, and spirit into better alignment with the natural healing energies present in the love and light that flows all around.   Since this work is done in alignment with Divine will and with the guidance and assistance of the Angels there really are no limits, to the healing, awakening, and alignment which can be accomplished through this modality. 

What takes place during an Angel Energy Healing session?

The Angel Energy Healer begins by invoking the pure Divine white light, love, protection, and healing frequencies of the Divine and their Angel Energy Healing Team then begins channeling this energy outwards towards the recipient. 

As the session takes place the Angel Energy Healing is focused on cleansing and elevating the chakra energy system, the meridian energy points, the aura, and the light body of both the healer and recipient.  The Divine healing energy is then focused on the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual/etheric bodies of the recipient to assist in releasing blockages, negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, negative energetic impressions, entities, attachments, hooks, and implants, and to cut, dissolve, and release any and all draining energetic cords into the light for healing and transmutation then replacing it with pure Divine white light and uplifted  Angelic Frequencies of love, compassion, peace, and well-being.

What do I experience during my session?

Experiences are unique to each individual, it depends on the individual themselves, how open the individual is to perceive things beyond the physical realms, and how the Divine and Angels direct the session.  Experiences may include feeling, hearing, sensing, knowing, seeing, and experiencing the healing love, guidance of the Divine and Angels, and sometimes even loved ones who have transitioned to the Spirit realm. 

The recipient may also physically feel energy shifting, may witness limiting beliefs being lifted and released, or they may simply feel relaxed or slightly spacey or tired during the session as the high vibrational energy flows around him/her.  

How does Angel Energy Healing differ from other healing modalities?

Angel Energy Healing differs from many other healing modalities, in that once the blockages and negativity in all forms have been released from the recipient, pure Divine white light and uplifted Angelic Frequencies of love, compassion, peace, and well-being takes it place.  This prevents much of the “integration pains”  which are commonly experienced with other healing modalities such as getting a cold, sore throat or having emotional outbursts in the time shortly after the session.


Is there anything I need to do after my Angel Energy Session?

Yes! It is important that to stay hydrated after Angel Energy Healing sessions so please make sure to drink lots of water. 

Can Angel Energy Healing be used to clear energy from my home and other spaces?

Yes! Angel Energy Healing can be used to clear homes, office spaces, cars, and other spaces. 

How does clearing the energy of my home and other spaces benefit me?

Angel Energy Healing can clear your home and many other places from energetic signatures leftover from your interactions, or from interactions that took place before you. Energetically clearing spaces is helpful in response to a variety of situations. It is especially useful if you’ve just moved into a new home, recovering from an illness, are feeling poorly after an argument or negative interaction with another, or getting over a relationship break up. Clearing your space is also a great solution if you’re feeling restless, irritated, or uncomfortable in your home, office, or in any other space.

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