Cosmic Smash Booking

Cosmic Smash Booking is both a writing journal and an art journal wrapped into one. It is a way to connect to the mystery and wisdom of your inner guidance to discover what’s really needed to get things moving in all areas of your life. This could be a new calling, how to get unstuck and move forward with a project, how to deepen your relationship with self, release old stories, and so much more. Using an Intentional Creativity process created by Cat Geller simple art supplies and art techniques such as painting, drawing, collaging, stamping, and more you will learn how you can incorporate Cosmic Smash Booking into your daily self-care practices.

Cosmic Smash Booking will allow you to step away from perfectionism, your inner critic and judge, let go of stress and worries, leaving them at the door to let your creative muse out to relax, have fun, play and recognize your inner artist regardless of any experience you may or may not have. 

It is fun, freeing, and will deepen your connection with your inner truth, intuition, and wisdom.

Bella offers in-person Cosmic Smash Booking throughout the year, 1:1 private coaching sessions and has also incorporated Cosmic Smash Booking into customized individual health and wellness plans and coaching sessions. 

“I think I need to keep being creative, not to prove anything but because it makes me happy just to do it… I think trying to be creative, keeping busy, has a lot to do with keeping you alive.”
Willie Nelson

Katie Barnicle

"I had no idea how creative this project would be. It allows you to be as crazy as possible and the artwork comes out amazing!"


I liked the support, the connections. Also the resources, the supplies, the instructions, the inspiration and ideas. It was a great experience!


Being connected with all the lovely ladies I met. Love that this such a creative and positive art journey. I will certainly continue this. Move to Vermont so we can meet for smashing on a regular basis!


Thank you so much! I liked the inner peace, clarity ,and new friends it brought.


I liked the fact that anything was ok to put in the book and make. All art styles were accepted even glitter!