Soul Hearted Living: the Magickal Forces of Creation Ebook

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ORDERING Soul-Hearted Living: A Year of Sacred Reflections and Affirmations for Women by Dr Debra Reale. 


I am so grateful and honored to share two of my personal soul-hearted and inspirational quotes with you in Soul-Hearted Living: A Year of Sacred Reflections and Affirmation ! As a special thank you to show my gratitude and appreciation, I am excited to you give you my ebook the Magickal Forces Of Creation: An Introduction!

I created this ebook to introduce you to the five Elemental Forces of Creation; Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit so you can begin to discover the magick, mystery and wisdom of working with the Elements and start to develop your own personal intimate relationship with each of them individually and together as a whole. In it I have included a brief description and  suggested ways to connect to each element and corresponding tools such as crystals, essential oils and affirmations related to each one to get you started.


The Magickal Forces of Creation Ebook by Isabella Rose photo

If you would like to download the ebook  please click the link below

Magickal Forces of Creation Intoduction ebook

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