Lessons of Love, Forgiveness & Healing from the Afterlife

“Over the next two years, I continued communication with my aunt though a medium and through my own internal senses. Through each contact, I witnessed the progression of her soul – from expecting justice, to understanding it was all part of a soul contract, to forgiveness and love.” Excerpt from my piece "A Divine Gift… Continue reading Lessons of Love, Forgiveness & Healing from the Afterlife


A Sacred Relationship 

Trust, loyalty and monogamy are rare to find in today's society. Partnerships have lost their sacredness. We live in a society where it is frowned upon & viewed "unmanly" for a man to openly cry, show his vulnerabilities, hurts, & mistreatment by a a female. There is so much attention placed on women being broken… Continue reading A Sacred Relationship 

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Shining Love & Light From Beyond 

  "As a young child, I always knew I had a special connection to God and the Spiritual realm. I was raised in the Protestant faith, that God is loving. Whenever I felt scared or alone (which was quite frequently, growing up in a "perfect" dysfunctional, alcoholic family), I found solace and nurturing in my… Continue reading Shining Love & Light From Beyond 


Progress Not Perfection

I started exploring WordPress and making small basic changes to personalize my website over the past week as I waited for responses to my questions from someone who was helping me build my site as computer technology is far from being one of my fortes...