Monthly Oracle & Affirmation

March Monthly Oracle and Affirmation

Welcome March. As Spring quickly approaches here in the Northern hemisphere, it is the perfect time to start heading outside and spending more time in nature. Go outside every day if possible. Have fun, explore that place you have been wanting to visit or go someplace new, meditate, go for a walk in the woods,… Continue reading March Monthly Oracle and Affirmation

Monthly Oracle & Affirmation

December Monthly Oracle and Affirmation

The Angels know that you're busy, with many Earthly demands on your time, even more so now as you prepare for the holidays and holiday celebrations. Know that the Angels want to help you with your responsibility through the process of balance. Whenever I schedules become disproportionate, are energy drops. Lowered energy creates the illusion… Continue reading December Monthly Oracle and Affirmation


Experience Angel Blessings and Healings

  "Your energy of love is so powerful that it can heal anything, including your future" ~Doreen Virtue ¬†JOIN US today to receive cleansing and elevating the charka system, the meridian energy points, the aura and light body of the recipient. And Finally dissolving and releasing any and all draining energetic cords into the light.… Continue reading Experience Angel Blessings and Healings

Monthly Oracle & Affirmation

Monthly Oracle & Affirmation: CELEBRATION

For the month of December, the Angels ask us to focus on CELEBRATION. Such a fitting card as this is the month of hol7day celebrations. CELEBRATION GOOD NEWS! CAUSE FOR CELEBRATION IS HERE, AND IT IS TIME FOR YOU TO ENJOY THE FRUITS OF YOUR LABOR. The angels want you to know this is a… Continue reading Monthly Oracle & Affirmation: CELEBRATION