Experience Angel Blessings and Healings

  "Your energy of love is so powerful that it can heal anything, including your future" ~Doreen Virtue  JOIN US today to receive cleansing and elevating the charka system, the meridian energy points, the aura and light body of the recipient. And Finally dissolving and releasing any and all draining energetic cords into the light.… Continue reading Experience Angel Blessings and Healings


Lessons of Love, Forgiveness & Healing from the Afterlife

“Over the next two years, I continued communication with my aunt though a medium and through my own internal senses. Through each contact, I witnessed the progression of her soul – from expecting justice, to understanding it was all part of a soul contract, to forgiveness and love.” Excerpt from my piece "A Divine Gift… Continue reading Lessons of Love, Forgiveness & Healing from the Afterlife


The Power of Love

    There are very few people in my life that I could say, "I TRUST YOU WITH MY LIFE", and even less uncommon for that person to actually have the opportunity to prove that I can indeed trust them with my life. There are no words to accurately express the power, emotions & feelings… Continue reading The Power of Love


Living in A World of Kindness & Gratitude

In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States today, I would like to take a moment to reflect on its symbolize of gratitude, celebration and abundant blessings. Too often we get caught up in the busyness of day to day life and the negativity we see in the world around us on… Continue reading Living in A World of Kindness & Gratitude

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Goodness Abounds Interview with Jodi Chapman & Dan Teck

  I am so excited to share about our new book Goodness Abounds: 365 Loving Acts of Kindness! Loving acts of kindness and goodness can happen in the simplest fashion and in the shortest amount of time such as a hug,  holding the door for someone,  smiling and saying "Hello" to someone in passing or reaching… Continue reading Goodness Abounds Interview with Jodi Chapman & Dan Teck


Divine Truth vs Government Illusion

EVERY BEING on this planet and beyond is important and DESERVES to be LOVED. There is no life that is unimportant. There is no above or below anyone else. There is enough abundance for every human on this planet to SURVIVE and LIVE COMFORTABLY but the government has tried to make us believe otherwise.  … Continue reading Divine Truth vs Government Illusion


A Sacred Relationship 

Trust, loyalty and monogamy are rare to find in today's society. Partnerships have lost their sacredness. We live in a society where it is frowned upon & viewed "unmanly" for a man to openly cry, show his vulnerabilities, hurts, & mistreatment by a a female. There is so much attention placed on women being broken… Continue reading A Sacred Relationship 



TRUE LOVE starts with oneself. It starts from within then projects outwards . To LOVE another person is scary and risky but well worth it. To LOVE another is a BEAUTIFUL GIFT: it AWAKENS the SPIRIT ENLIVENS the SOUL NOURISHES the HEART To LOVE another is a BEAUTIFUL GIFT but to be able to RECEIVE… Continue reading TRUE LOVE

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Goodness Abounds

  AN OPPORTUNITY TO PROVE THAT GOODNESS TRULY DOES ABOUND… I believe that we live in a world where goodness abounds. But sometimes, when I look at all the negativity and divisiveness in the news, it’s easy to feel discouraged. You, too, might find yourself disheartened by world events, wondering what happened to the light-filled and… Continue reading Goodness Abounds

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Shining Love & Light From Beyond 

  "As a young child, I always knew I had a special connection to God and the Spiritual realm. I was raised in the Protestant faith, that God is loving. Whenever I felt scared or alone (which was quite frequently, growing up in a "perfect" dysfunctional, alcoholic family), I found solace and nurturing in my… Continue reading Shining Love & Light From Beyond