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Nourishing Dreams With Kindness

"My passion for living an all-natural lifestyle began in early 20's when I saw a nutritionist, began reading books by Elson Haas, and participated in a weekly yoga class.  Several years later, I started reading books on aromatherapy and was introduced to Reiki. In my mid-30s, I wanted to become more involved in the alternative-health… Continue reading Nourishing Dreams With Kindness


The Power of Love

    There are very few people in my life that I could say, "I TRUST YOU WITH MY LIFE", and even less uncommon for that person to actually have the opportunity to prove that I can indeed trust them with my life. There are no words to accurately express the power, emotions & feelings… Continue reading The Power of Love


Your Soulful Book Program

Your book can inspire thousands of people all around the world. It can touch hearts. It can change lives. It can boost your credibility, connect you with clients, and expand your business and community. And it can make you feel – and know, right down to the core of your being – that you’ve fulfilled… Continue reading Your Soulful Book Program