Monthly Oracle & Affirmation

April Monthly Oracle and Affirmation

The Winged Enchantment of the Woodpecker comes to us this month with the following message: I am Woodpecker, the Rhythm of the Ancients and the heartbeat of the Earth. I am drummer. I am the percussion of life. I am the one who digs deep and finds the secrets hidden within. I am in tune… Continue reading April Monthly Oracle and Affirmation

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Shining Love & Light From Beyond 

  "As a young child, I always knew I had a special connection to God and the Spiritual realm. I was raised in the Protestant faith, that God is loving. Whenever I felt scared or alone (which was quite frequently, growing up in a "perfect" dysfunctional, alcoholic family), I found solace and nurturing in my… Continue reading Shining Love & Light From Beyond