Discover the Magick Within

Are you ready...

to break free of suffering and limiting beliefs to let your true authentic self shine?

 to follow the pathway of your heart and soul and not feel so alone on your journey?

to explore and discover the magick within to heal, transform, and create a life you love?

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started today! 

” I believe the world is incomprehensibly beautiful-an endless prospect of magick and wonder. ” ~ Ansel Adams

Holistic Health and Wellness Practitioner and Life Coach

Isabella Rose

I believe…

  • we all have the power within us to heal.
  • we all have the power within us to transform and create the life we desire.
  •  in the power and magick of the Universe that connects us all.
  • in celebrating our uniqueness and diversity.
  • in the power of community. 
  • healing can be fun and creative.

    I believe in the magick within you!

Creative, Compassionate Healing in a Supportive Environment

You’re here for a reason, whether you’re looking to connect with the Angels, your heart’s desires, or true authentic self, schedule a healing session, unlock your full potential, tap into your creativity, read an inspirational blog, build community with like-minded people, take a workshop, or something else entirely different.  You’re here and I am so glad you are! Whatever your reason for being here is, I hope you find inspiration and will join me today to start discovering the magick within!

How May I Help You?

Bella Rose Healing Hands offers a diverse selection of all-natural and alternative healing modalities and products to support you in your transformational healing journey.  Whether you are looking for private coaching sessions, an energy healing session, an aromatherapy product, a fun and interactive workshop, a supportive community of like-minded women, guidance from Spirit and Oracle readings, or an inspirational book or blog you can find it here!  I look forward to being your guide as you discover the magick within to heal and create a life you love!



Out of balance, stressed, or out of alignment? Is the energy in your home heavy or stagnant? Book an Angel Energy Reiki session to bring you back into balance and clear and cleanse the energy of your home with the Divine healing love and light of the Angels.



Connect with like-minded people in an uplifting, safe, and supportive community by joining in-person or online circles and workshops.



Are you ready to awaken and align to your true authentic self and heart's desires and discover the magick within to create a life you love? Here, you will be supported so you can feel inspired, worthy, and not alone as you step into your magnificence sharing and shining your true authentic self.