Angel Energy Healing

In your Angel Energy Healing session, Bella will channel pure Divine love, Angelic light along with healing frequencies, focusing this healing energy outwards and harnessing this energy for your health, well-being, and more according to Divine will.

The understanding that there is an unseen energy flowing throughout all of life that impacts health and one’s present state of well-being is not a new one. In a perfect world the body, mind, and spirit are all to be in alignment with this unseen energy and power of life, bringing about radiant well-being, health, inspiration, joy, and abundance through this Divine and ever-present connection.

It is through the power of thought, conscious and unconscious, that confusion, chaos, discomfort, pain, anxiety, disease, depression, illness, and even physical injury manifest in the physical.  Ego based thoughts of grief, sorrow, anger, jealousy, guilt, failure, and frustration remain in the body at the DNA and cellular levels as energetic signatures that can manifest themselves as energetic blocks, dense energies, and even physical challenges such as disease or unwanted experiences, over time.

Angel Energy Healing with direct guidance from the Divine, can help release these negative thoughts, energetic blockages, limiting beliefs, lower vibrations, and negativity that cause these problems.  This brings the body, mind, and spirit into better alignment with the natural healing energies present in the love and light that flows all around. The body, mind, and spirit can then revert back to its natural state of well-being and self-healing. 

Since this work is done in alignment with Divine will and with the guidance and assistance of the Angels there really are no limits to the healing, awakening, and alignment which can be accomplished through Angel Energy Healing.

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Judy B, Maryland

“I thoroughly enjoyed our time together, and loved my mini-session. You are a powerful healer!”

Tammy, Canada

“my name is Tammy, I'm here to give my story on Isabella. I reached out to her in 2015 when my child needed help, a beautiful young lady who suffers from depression and anxiety. we’ve had some tense moments but with help and guidance from Isabella's angel energy healing we’ve pulled through them. I trust her deeply and believe in her gifts, she’s not only a healer she has become a trusted friend.”

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